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Stage Pricing

12 Hour Day Rate:  $1250 for 12 Hours

10 Hour Day Rate:  $1000 for 10 Hours

5 Hour Day Rate:    $650 for  5 Hours


Lighting Included

3 Aputure Nova 300 RGBWW In Grid
2 Mac Tech 400 BiColor Artist LED with Chimeras

1 Mac Tech 300 BiColor Artist LED with


2 Aputure/Amaran 300c RGBWW LED
In grid
2 Quasar Rainbow RGBWW tubes

1 IPAD Pre-Programmed to run lights in grid.

Distro​ Included

300 amps available
Standard package includes:
1 400 amp distro box
3 100 amp bates cables
3 100 amp bates gangboxes
15 50' stingers
10 25' stingers
4 edison power strips
2 1k dimmers


Stage:  24' x 40'
Cyc:  21' x 21'

Height: 14'

Door:  8' x 8'

Dressing Room: 12' x 13'

Production Room:  12' x 13'

Staging Area / Craft Services:  30' x 30'

Set Sides and Backgrounds

6' x 10' Set Sides $15 each 

5' x 10' set sides $12 each

4' x 10' set sides $10 each

12’  Seamless White Paper Pver Cyc 

Change cyc to black duvetyn  $60

Paint Cyc White $500  (Comes Chromakey Green)

Grip Included

2 Junior Rollers
2 Baby Rollers
6 Baby Stands
8 C Stands
4 4X4 Solid Floppies

2 4x4 Open Frames
2 2X3 Solids
2 2X3 Silk
2 2x3 Single
2 2x3 Double
2 2X6 Solid Cutter
2 Lollipops

8 Apple Boxes
15 Sandbags
2 Furnie Blankets
4 Baby Pipe Clamps
4 Grip Heads
4 40" GOBO Arms
2 Platypus
2 4x4 Bounce Cards


DP with Sony FX9 Camera Package                                               $1050 Per Day

DP with C-300 Mk II Camera Package  w Zeiss 21-100 Zoom     $850 Per Day


ATEM Switcher/Streaming Multicam Setup with Op                    $550 Per Day


Teleprompter Package with Operator                                            $750 Per Day


Sound Package with Operator                                                         $750 Per Day


FULLY Soundproofed

Our stage is a fully soundproofed, standalone enclosure within our facility.  The stage is soundproofed with many layers of insulation and double-door systems; key reasons why hundreds of TV series from MTV, VH1, Bravo,  Discovery and many others have been shooting here for years. 


FREE Parking 

Our stage has 14 parking spaces available directly outside the building. Unlike many locations there is also street parking available in all directions. 


FREE Staging Area

Our cyc is 21' x 21' and the full are of the stage is 24' x 40' which gives your production team plenty of space to work.

Also, directly outside the stage door is a large 30' x 30' indoor staging area. 


FREE Power & Grid 

Our stage has 400 amps of power with electrical distribution package and a comprehensive lighting grid at 15’ height. Many stages have only “house” power, and do not have an overhead lighting grid installed.


On-Site Lighting & Grip

McNulty Nielsen is a complete rental house with a large stock of lighting and grip equipment, cameras, lenses, monitors, audio gear, and expendables.  Our clients benefit greatly from having access to on-site equipment, especially during after-hours shoots and on weekends.


Additional Add-Ons



  • CANON  C-300 Mk II Camera Packages




  • DSLR Accessories


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