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How to Rent?

For renting equipment simply fill out out our Equipment Rental Form 

and Credit Card Authorization Form and email or fax back to us. 

Click here for our contact information.





You are also welcome to send a list of what you need (quote request) and when you need to pick it up and return it, and we will fill out the Equipment Rental Form for you. Feel free to call in advance to be sure we have the items in stock, or just send in the forms and if we are out of stock we will inform you and suggest alternatives.


Camera, lighting, grip and audio equipment are rented out at a one day rental (rental rate x1)

or a 2 day week (rental ratex2). You can pick up one day rentals the day before and return by noon on the day after the rental. When we receive your forms or quote request we will review them and call you to confirm the order,

inform you of the deposit amount that is needed to reserve the order ,as well as send an email confirmation.

No insurance? We offer waivers.

We require all of our customers to provide a valid certificate of insurance

that names "McNulty Nielsen, Inc." as "Loss Payee, and Additionally Insured."

If you do not have insurance and/or do not supply McNulty Nielsen with a certificate of your insurance,

you must purchase the General Liability & Damaged Equipment waivers listed below.  

We also offer 'burned-out globe' coverage.  Some restrictions apply, please read below:

General Liability Waiver  -  Add 10% to total rental

McNulty Nielsen buys its own insurance to cover McNulty Nielsen. Our customers are NOT covered by this additional waiver.

McNulty Nielsen is NOT a seller of insurance and by purchasing this waiver, you are NOT buying general liability insurance.  

In the event of a lawsuit or accident, McNulty Nielsen's insurance would represent McNulty Nielsen only and nobody else.  


Automobile insurance is NOT part of this waiver.  If you rent a vehicle from McNulty Nielsen, you must provide a valid auto insurance certificate with $1,000,000 worth of coverage, naming "McNulty Nielsen" as "Loss Payee and Additionally Insured."
Limit $20,000 equipment order value.


Damaged Equipment Insurance Waiver  -  Add 20% to total rental

In the event of damage, you are responsible for the first $2,000 worth of damage.  With this waiver, McNulty Nielsen will pay for the repair/replacement of damaged equipment above the first $2,000.  McNulty Nielsen is solely responsible for assessing the cost of repairing and/or replacing the damaged equipment.  This waiver does NOT include camera equipment (bodies, lenses, and peripherals) nor does it include vehicles/automobiles.

This waiver does not include missing, lost, stolen, and/or unaccounted for items. You will pay the full replacement value for any items you do not return to McNulty Nielsen, and missing items are not applied to the $2,000 damage deductible listed above.


Burned Out Globe Coverage -  Add 10% to lighting rental

You will pay for burned out globes unless you purchase this waiver.  

This waiver includes: Incandescent, fluorescent, and HMI globes.


Missing, lost, stolen, and/or unaccounted for globes are not part of this waiver.   You will pay the full replacement value for any globes you do not return to McNulty Nielsen, and globes do not apply to the $2,000 damage deductible.

This waiver also excludes the following:  globes that are damaged by operator error, are dropped, broken, improperly installed, improperly cleaned, touched, pitted by dust, or fluorescent gloves with broken pins.


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